Stefan Hertrich
Shiva in Exile
Welcome to the website for my two ethnic influenced projects, SpiRitual and Shiva in Exile, being neither political nor religous projects but nevertheless representing a sort of positive gothic and metal vision. However, if you are interested in discussing religious or political topics on the messageboard of this site, you are welcome. This site is a place for enthusiasts, contrarians and idealists.

Both projects wouldn't be possible with the selfless help of many people, who invested much time and patience over months - and still do: Dr. Phil. Christian Rätsch, Kajuyali Tsamani, the Deviant Creations family, especially Priest and Daria Vakulitskaya, Yana Veva and Theodor Bastard, Gaby Koss, Maurizio Guolo, Christian Bystron, Tommy Herrmann, Alex Koenig, Rene Berthiaume, Markus Glanz, Seref Badir, Christoph Klatt, Alex Kuzovlev, Donald Walizer Jr., Sergey Chebotar, Cornelia Ballent, Dr. John Baker, and last but not least Konstantin "Bonez" Viktorov for his great website and booklet work.

You can be sure that every second of SpiRitual and Shiva In Exile is 100% handmade and idealistic work. Not just the music, but also the visual components, done by idealistic people who like arts as much as I do.

Yours, Stefan Hertrich
© 2005, Stefan Hertrich.